Reviews are not for people.

Reviews are for books, movies, and restaurants.

​Reviews are not for people.

The concept of “performance reviews” has always felt odd to you, as a result.

Your instinct is right.

As a leader, you want your team to continually improve and bring the best out in each other — but a “performance review” doesn’t accomplish that.

In fact, research has found that traditional performance reviews make performance worse one-third of the time.

This is for 4 reasons:

1: “I don’t want to say anything bad.”

We fear that what we write in our performance reviews might negatively affect ourselves – or someone else. We keep our feedback surface-level and vague, rather than meaningful and specific.

2: “I'll wait to bring this up at the next review cycle.”

We sit on feedback until the performance review cycle happens, enabling feedback to inevitably build up. We surprise our team if and when it does come out in the end – and not in a good way.

3: “I have to triangulate and summarize 3+ people's perspectives.”

Performance reviews are not a direct, frank conversation. They are a telephone game of "he said she said," leaving us confused on what exactly we need to improve. Rarely do performance reviews feel fair or accurate.

4: “Sheesh, this takes forever.”

The average manager reported spending about 210 hours on writing performance reviews. 210 hours to describe how communications could’ve been better, 210 hours to describe how outcomes could’ve been better… That’s longer than some projects take, themselves!

You’re ready for a better way. A way that’s focused on the honesty and quality of the feedback being exchanged rather than the “completion rate” in a review cycle. A way that builds trust in a team, rather than eroding it through superficial “let-me-write-what-sounds-good-in-a-performance-review” speeches.

If you’re a CEO, executive, or manager who has never been the biggest fan of performance reviews but wants to encourage a true culture of feedback in your team…

Our Know Your Team alternative to performance reviews is coming in January 2022.

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Claire Lew
CEO of Know Your Team

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